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Merastar Insurance, now known as Unitrin Direct Preferred Insurance, is a nationally recognized insurance broker, offering both auto insurance and home insurance to its customers. Based on Chattanooga, Tennessee, Merastar has received a rating of A (Excellent) from the ratings agency A.M. Best. Merastar Auto and Home Insurance products are tailored to fit your unique lifestyle and financial situation, as well as your individual insurance needs. The company offers a variety of payment options to help fit the cost of insurance into your basic budget, including the option to get a basic auto or home insurance quote instantly on their website.

Merastar offers a wide array of useful insurance information for both auto and home policies on their website. Any prospective customer can find information on the makeup of an auto premium, deductible payments, what to do in case of an accident, and coverage offered by different auto policies. For home policies, information is available on student coverage, renters insurance, coverage included in a homeowner's policy, earthquake and flood damage, and many other topics. It is a useful resource for insurance buyers who may have questions before making a purchase.

Merastar also offers its auto and home insurance clients several primers on how to save money on these types of insurance by adjusting behavior and fairly assessing value. Their "Safer Times" articles highlight ways to minimize driving risks, responsible driving habits, safeguarding financial data, automobile safety gadgets, hurricane and flood damage, and identity theft, among others. Merastar Insurance, now known as Unitrin Direct Preferred Insurance, is licensed to do business in nearly all U.S. states. Prospective customers can visit their website or call 877-637-2782 for the sales department.

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