Auto Collision Insurance

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What does collision insurance cover?

Learn more about what you're getting with collision coverage and how to decide if you need it or not. Saving on your monthly policy can cost you big in the end. Read more before making a decision on collision coverage.

Popular Auto Insurance Carriers Include

Insurance policies are often expensive purchases. Many individuals looking to buy insurance are only interested in the bare minimum and nothing more. This may work for some drivers, but policies that provide the minimum level of state mandated coverage will often not cover the entire cost of an accident or damage to the automobile and/or driver and passengers. Additional insurance coverage may be necessary if you want to be fully protected from any type of vehicular incident. All states mandate some type of bodily injury or property damage liability insurance. These policies typically provide a level of coverage in the event of an injury or other property damage resulting from an accident. These policies do not usually cover damage costs to your own personal automobile. If you wish to have coverage for damage to your own car, then collision insurance is a necessity.

Unlike liability coverage, collision insurance is not mandated by any state, but provides additional coverage above and beyond a minimum liability policy. Auto collision insurance covers any damage to the policyholder's car that results from running into or hitting anything, whether it is another car, a street light, or a fire hydrant, according to This type of coverage may be worth the additional expenditure if you have a higher value or luxury automobile. If you have an older car or a car in poor working order, the cost of insurance plus deductible may exceed the value of the car, so it may not be worth it. If you drive a luxury car, or simply love your current automobile, collision coverage may be right for you.

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