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Guide One Insurance Company is unique in the world of insurance coverage in that it provides specialized coverage for churches and churchgoers. The company is one of America's largest insurers of churches. According to their website, Guide One insures nearly 43,000 churches. Additionally, Guide One Insurance Company provides insurance policies for automobile, home, senior living communities, private schools, and colleges. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Guide One has been rated A (Excellent) by the ratings agency A.M. Best Company and is licensed to do business in all fifty states.

Guide One Insurance was started in 1958 as Preferred Risk Life, providing insurance services exclusively for non-drinkers. Their founder believed that the company would incur fewer losses overall serving this niche, as non-drinkers would be less risky and therefore cost less to insure. As time passed, they gradually expanded from their original niche clientele, but always keeping the same client lifestyle in mind. Recently, the company has also introduced home care insurance products to supplement its extensive line of senior living insurance products.

Guide One Insurance Company offers a range of life insurance and annuity products for its customers, including a flexible premium deferred plan, single premium deferred, or single premium immediate plans in addition to its line of IRAs, employee insurance packages, and tax sheltered annuities. Their Responsible Choice line of auto insurance products includes liability, medical, income protection, collision, act of God physical damage coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, as seen on the Guide One website. Discounts are still available for non-drinkers, as well as pastors and church employees, seminary students, and a range of typical insurance discounts. Guide One Insurance also provides FaithGuard auto benefits, which helps protect churchgoers in the case of an accident driving to or from church or church related activities.

Guide One Insurance can be reached at their main office at (877) 448-4331 or at their website. Branch offices are located in Arlington, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Rocklin, CA, St. Charles, MO, Stone Mountain, GA, and West Des Moines, IA. For further information on their range of insurance products, visit their website or contact an authorized Guide One broker.

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