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Fireman Fund Insurance Company was started nearly 150 years ago in 1863, covering one half interest in 1000 kegs of Boston syrup, according to the company's website. When the company was first started in San Francisco, it agreed to pay 10% of all profits to a fireman's widow organization. Since then, it has maintained close ties with firefighters across the country through its Heritage Program, in which the firm provides grants to fire departments throughout the United States. Fireman's Fund Insurance provides a wide range of insurance products, including automobile policies, collection coverage, homeowner's policies, and watercraft. Additionally, the company provides business services, including various liability insurance policies and small business policies to interested clients. Fireman's Fund auto insurance is geared toward luxury vehicles and collectors, allowing those clients more flexibility with their higher value investments.

Fireman's Fund Insurance was recently acquired by Allianz Group, which is one of the world's largest insurance companies. With the financial backing of Allianz, Fireman's Fund has been able to tailor its policies towards high income individuals with larger asset values. Their homeowner's insurance typically covers homes ranging from $1 to $50 million, private event insurance covers weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, valuables insurance for protecting collections of art, wine, or antiques, and yacht insurance. In 2006, Fireman's Fund Insurance offered the first "green" insurance for a business or building, targeting LEED-certified buildings and allowing insured buildings to be rebuilt in a sustainable manner, according to a June, 2008 story in the San Francisco Business Times. Green coverage is also available for hybrid automobiles and sustainable manufacturing.

Fireman's Fund Insurance is headquartered in Novato, California. The corporate headquarters can be reached at (800) 227-1700. Their website allows prospective insurance buyers the opportunity to find an agent, browse various types of insurance, and read about the company's claims and risk service.

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