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CUNA Mutual Insurance Company is a Madison, Wisconsin based insurance group that provides insurance services to credit unions throughout the United States. Also known as CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, the company provides insurance products to credit unions, which, in turn, are offered to their members. CUNA provides finance and insurance products to 95% of the 9500 plus credit unions in the country, according to the NAIC. The company was started in 1935 as the Credit Union National Association following the enactment of the Federal Credit Union Act the previous year by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which allowed credit unions to be formed in any state. Currently, the CUNA Mutual Insurance Society controls nearly $15 billion in assets and is the parent company of eight specialized subsidiaries, each overseeing a different division of its product offerings for credit unions.

CUNA Mutual Insurance Company offers a variety of financial and insurance services to credit unions, but is primarily concerned with credit union insurance and member protection. CUNA offers products that provide coverage for the unique risks faced by credit unions, including bonds, business auto policies, collateral protection, cyber incident protection, litigation coverage, mortgage insurance, credit card fraud, property and business liability, risk management tools, and workers compensation. Additionally, CUNA provides services to members of these credit unions, including credit insurance and debt protection, asset protection, life insurance, vehicle repair coverage, Medicare related products, and protection against long term hospital care.

The CUNA Mutual Insurance Society is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, with regional offices in Waverly, Iowa and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Additionally, CUNA has regional sales offices throughout the country, along with regional offices around the globe. The ratings agency A.M. Best has given the CUNA Mutual Insurance Company an "A" (Excellent) for its financial products. The corporate headquarters in Madison can be reached at (800) 356-2644, or through its website.

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